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Frequently Asked Questions

DC Product

General Question

Cordex CXC Series Controllers

Cordex HP Controller



Breaker Distribution

AMPS80 and AMPS24



Bypass Switch

Outdoor Enclosure

SE48-1616 (Formerly AOES6)

Te45v2 and v3 Enclosure

  • 1. How does the heat exchanger fan work?
    • The heat exchanger fans start to rotate at slow speed when the interior temperature in the power compartment increases to 30°C.
    • The heat exchanger fans ramp up as the interior temperature increases and reach full speed at 40°C.
    • The heat exchanger fans stop when the interior temperature drops below 25°C.
  • 2. How can I test if the fans are working?
    • If temperature in the cabinet is beyond 30°C (86°F), just pull the door swith (SW5) plunger out and the fans should start rotating.
    • If temperature in the cabinet is below 30°C (86°F), do the following:
      1. Pull the door switch (SW5) plunger out.
      2. Force the fans to rotate, there is two ways:
        • Warm up the power compartment fan speed regulation temperature sensor #3 using a heat gun.
        • Or, on the fan control board located at the back of the enclosure, right side, disconnect any of the two wires on TB512 connector.
      3. Fans should start to rotate. If not check if there is voltage on the fan connector. If there is more than 30Vdc, fan should rotate, if not then fan is defective.
      4. If there is no voltage on the fan connector, make sure that the fuses on the GMT fuse block assembly (internal use -707-175-20-041) are good.
        • F4 and F6 for Te45v2 enclosure.
        • F4 and F5 for Te45v3 enclosure.
        If these fuses are good, there might be an issue with the fan control board. Call Technical Support for further troubleshooting.
  • 3. Getting a Temp Sensor 1 fail, what are the possible causes?
    • The analog input GP1 might be out of calibration.
    • One of the Temperature probe connected to the Thermal Runaway Board (707-302-20-040), might be defective.
    • There might be an issue on the Thermal Runaway Board
  • 4. Installing the battery enclosure, Te45v3b away from the main power plant Te45v3, is there a special wire harness I can use to connect the alarm signals?
    Yes, there is a cable kit. Part number is 0370235-001.
  • 5. On Te45v3, breaker positions 1 to 6 are dedicated for 24Vdc. If this will not be used, can it be converted to 48Vdc?
    Yes, it can be converted. The procedure is in the manual, under section “8.4 Changing the DC Distribution Voltage Configuration”, page 29 of the manual 0570042-J0.
  • 6. Getting a TVSS alarm and no Converters are installed, how can the alarm be cleared?
    When no converters are installed in the converter shelf, the TVSS fail alarm is active by default. To disable the false alarm:
    1. Locate the 24V TVSS alarm module along the rear wall of the enclosure.
    2. Move the red wire from the N.C. contact of the alarm module to the N.O. contact.
  • 7. Where can I find spare parts list?
    For the Te45v3 replacement parts list, it is indicated in the manual. Below are the replacement parts for Te45v2 and other parts for Te45v3 that is not indicated in the manual.

    For other parts not indicated in the manual or above, please call Technical Support.

Te40 and 41 Enclosure

Line Power System


Legacy Products

CFR Series UPS

Pathfinder Rectifiers
  • 1. Just installed a rectifier and after a while controller went into alarm, an Out of Tolerance alarm. How can this alarm be cleared?

    How can this alarm be cleared?

    The rectifier settings in the controller most likely did not match the settings on the rectifier.
    Will need to do Inventory Update and Download Settings.
    For systems with SM02 controllers:

      1. For software version v3.00 series. Log in to the controller and go to Rectifiers. Look for Inventory Update and press Enter. Next, still under Rectifiers, do the “Group Setting Initiate Download”.
      2. For software version v4.00 series. Log in to the controller and go to Configuration. Look for Inventory Update and press Enter. Next, press the Escape till you see the option for download and save settings.

    For systems with SM03 and SM04:
    Log in to the controller and go to Rectifiers. Look for Inventory Update and press Enter. Next, still under Rectifiers, do the “Download and Save”.

  • 2. Just installed an RFXP rectifier mixed with the Pathfinder modules, controller went into alarm after, how can this alarm be cleared? Changes must be done on the current limit and slope settings.

    Current Limit and Slope Settings
    24V systems: set the current limit parameter to 125A or less and slope to 1.19%.
    48V systems: set the current limit parameter to 62A or less and slope to 0.93%.
    These menu items are found under:

    • RECTIFIERS menu of the SM03 or SM04,
    • RECTIFIERS, GROUP SETTINGS menu of the SM02,

    NOTE: With the Cordex controller and the RFXP/Pathfinder combo, you have to convert the 62A
    RFXP setting to a percentage of the 70A Pathfinder maximum or approximately 88.6%.


CFR Series UPS

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