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Remote Power Node Enclosure
  • 33” tall, 18” wide and 20” deep provides a compact overall footprint ideal for pole mount installations in Small Cell applications
  • Provides up to forty-eight (48) ±190Vdc (100W) line powering channels from AC utility power source
  • 50-pair protector panel provided for output surge protection for each ±190Vdc (100W) circuit
  • Wide AC input voltage range (90 - 300Vac) for worldwide deployment
  • NEMA 3R outdoor cabinet with heat exchanger for improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs
  • The Alpha TE33-1820 is a NEMA 3R outdoor remote power node enclosure providing up to forty-eight (48) ±190Vdc line powering channels from an AC utility power source. The TE33-1820 utilizes remote line powering equipment as a method of energizing remote devices using power delivered from a central source over copper cable. The TE33-1820 system incorporates Alpha’s modular Cordex HP 1.2kW rectifier shelf and the Cordex HP LPS36 up-converter system to remotely power network equipment over twisted copper lines.

    Applications include powering mini-DSLAM’s (sealed DSLAM’s), Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) in Fiber to the Home Networks (FTTH), Distribution Points (FTTdp) as well as outdoor small cells in wireless networks. The TE33-1820 is a NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure designed for pole mount installations only.

    Remote Line Power (RLP) is a method of energizing a remote device from a central power source over copper cable; eliminating the need for AC utility or battery backup at the remote end. This reduces installation and operating expenses, and provides flexibility related to site selection for the installation of the remote communication equipment.

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