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Line Powering Solutions

Alpha offers an extensive assortment of line power products that are reliable, field proven options for remote network powering. Using an elevated DC voltage to transmit power long distances over twisted pair copper infrastructure, these converters are a great solution for remote site powering where AC utility is not available, or battery maintenance is cost prohibitive. Alpha’s line power converters feature built-in current limiting and ground-fault protection to ensure the highest level of safety for technicians. Alpha’s line power converters have been used to power remote DSLAMs, mini-DSLAMs Fiber to the Home ONTs (Optical Network Terminals, iDAS and WiFi networks equipment), enabling carriers to capitalize on the low cost and maintenance of a centralized battery plant.

Alpha’s flagship LPS36 system offers best in class density and efficiency, with mounting options that suit Central Office or remote cabinet applications. The LPS36 converts -48 volts to ±190Vdc. It is complemented by the CSM46 and CSM56, downconverters that transform the elevated voltage back to -48Vdc for powering the remote electronics. We have also launched a series of Downconverter modules, as well as sealed up and down converters for installation in harsh environments.

For indoor applications, such as Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS), Alpha developed the eLimiter+™, a line power device that distributes safe 48V power over copper cables to enable indoor DAS providers to power distant nodes up to 1500 feet from the host without the cost and maintenance of UPS's and batteries scattered throughout the facility.

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