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Outdoor Down Converter System
  • Provides 48Vdc output from ±190Vdc RFT-V input
  • Maximum output power available is 3000W at 48Vdc
  • Front-access 1RU distribution panel offers up to 20 GMT fuse positions
  • 50-pair protector panel provided for input surge protection to each RFT-V circuit
  • NEMA 3R outdoor cabinet supports various mounting options
  • The TE20-2120 is an outdoor enclosure designed for remote small power (AC or DC) applications utilizing the CSM46 DC-DC down converter power system. The input requirements to the cabinet are ±190Vdc line powering (RFT-V circuit) over OSP twisted copper pair that terminate onto 25-pair 3M 4005-GBM/TR connector. A 50-pair protector panel with 5-pin gas tube module (sold separately) are required to energize the remote load and provides high-voltage surge protection to each RFT-V circuit. There can be up to (2) CSM46 10-module shelves installed in the TE20-2120 rated to deliver up to 3000W of 48VDC power. A 1RU 20 position frontaccess GMT fuse panel is provided for distribution to the remote load. Applications include remote powering ODAS remotes, Remote Radio Heads and Small Cells.

    Remote powering is a perfect solution for applications where AC utility may not be available, battery maintenance would be cost prohibitive, or remote enclosures may not have enough internal space or cooling capacity to accept a traditional rectifier and battery system. The CSM46 works seamlessly with the Alpha LPS36 up-converter to allow for complete end-to-end remote powering.

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