+/-190Vdc to 12Vdc Line Power HP Remote Supply Unit
  • Part Number: LPR12-30 P/N: 0120040-001
  • +/-190V to 12V DC-DC Downconverter for remote/line powering single family, multi-dwelling unit home (FTTH), premises (FTTP) or muni WiFi networks
  • High efficiency >90% for reduced OPEX costs and carbon footprint
  • Utilizes existing copper pair network for distributing power
  • Reduces truck rolls and operating expenses with no batteries at remote sites
  • Compact, self-enclosed design ideal for mounting on the side of houses, or aerial strands
  • Description

    The LPR12-30 is a of DC-DC Downconverters that transforms +/-190Vdc into 12Vdc for powering the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in a FTTH network or access points in a muni WiFi deployment. It is a line-powered system that uses the copper telephone network and eliminates the need for commercial power and back-up batteries. The unit is packaged in an environmentally hardened enclosure that is designed to be installed outdoors on the side of the house, multi-dwelling unit or building, or aerial strands.
    The unit can provide 30 or 60 watts of DC power over standard twisted pair copper wire. It is packaged in a telecom grade enclosure with a tamper-proof seal or small lock.