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Class 2 Circuit Aggregation Device
  • Part Number: 8 Port: 0120046-001 / 4 Port: 0120081-001
  • Aggregates up to four (4) or eight (8) NEC Class 2 inputs into a single, 48Vdc bulk output
  • When deployed in conjunction with Alpha’s eLimiter™ product family, meets the requirements for Class 2 circuits, even for remote devices that consume more than 100W of power
  • Enables remote powering of iDAS, indoor small cells and WiFi networks
  • Dramatically reduces CAPEX by eliminating the need for conduit and certified electrical technicians
  • Results in lower OPEX by eliminating the requirements for batteries at the remote sites
  • For iDAS, indoor small cell and WiFi network equipment that consume more than 100 Watts of power, Alpha’s Aggregator safely enables remote line powering over copper cable. By combining the unit with products from Alpha’s eLimiter™ family, the Aggregator meets the requirements for NEC Class 2 safety, enabling service providers to use conventional cable to remotely power the equipment. Class 2 compliance eliminates the need for conduit, licensed electricians and remote batteries, significantly improving the business case for the service provider.

    The Aggregator can terminate up to four (4) or eight (8) NEC Class 2 circuits, combining them into a single 48V bulk output of up to 400 or 800 Watts. The unit is extremely compact, and can be either rack or wall mounted. It is a true front access device with all the user connections residing on the front face plate of the unit.


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