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Alpha FXM 350 - 2000

UPS Module
  • Product Line: Indoor UPS
Alpha FXM uninterruptible power supply (UPS) module
  • Advanced high power battery charger allows to provide very long runtimes that far exceed those offered by traditional UPS Systems
  • Developed for difficult environmental conditions, the FXM is at ease in indoor environments, allowing you to have a truly set and forget power backup system
  • Full featured, rugged UPS provides clean, uninterruptible backup power ensuring your system will remain running during power outages
  • Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) without going to batteries lengthens battery life, even during periods of surge or sag in the line voltage
  • White text on blue display improves readability in bright daylight
  • Notes:
    While Alpha FXM products are designed as Outdoor/Ruggedized units, they are equally at home in Alpha’s Indoor UPS portfolio owing to their robustness and very long backup times in indoor environments.

    Alpha’s FXM UPS are available as UPS Modules - batteries and wires are required in order to complete setup and provide power backup. Please contact your Alpha representative for more details.

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