FlexPoint AX Series

  • Product Line: Fiber Network UPS System
FlexPoint AX Series
  • Scalable FTTH/FTTx power supply systems with and without standby capability
  • Full or partial outdoor configurations
  • Outdoor rated including battery for 24/7 availability
  • Utility meter base provides most reliable source of AC power at home
  • No homeowner appointments needed for access and maintenance
  • Safe, low voltage distribution
  • 30W continuous output power
  • Description

    These systems provide a lower cost of ownership than competing powering technologies. The FlexPoint AX power ring with AC/DC power converter module taps AC power from the utility meter base, the most reliable source of power at the home, outputting 12VDC. This provides service technicians 24/7 availability to the power system, eliminating the need to coordinate maintenance house calls with the subscriber. The FlexPoint AX home converter's 22-year Meantime Before Failure (MTBF) provides a partial indoor solution. It is plugged into a subscriber's AC outlet, outputting 12VDC to the outdoor battery backup power supply or directly to the ONT. Standard and extended standby runtime modules can be added when primary line telephone service is subscribed.

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