FlexNet FMPS

Multipurpose Power Supply
FlexNet FMPS
  • 150W Fiber-to-the-premise UPS for multiple dwelling, multiple tenant and small business unit applications
  • Supports one or two MDU/SBU ONTs located up to 100ft from FMPS
  • Battery management functionality performs periodic battery capacity testing and status reporting to the ONT and customer
  • Built-in battery heater provides extended runtime for applications in cold winter conditions
  • Hybrid 16AWG and alarm cable minimizes installation labor
  • Status indicators and audible alarm provide local status
  • Options for dry contact and PacketCableTM compliant telemetry connections to ONT and MTA
  • Description

    FlexNet FMPS, 120V Line cord, 150W, 48Vdc out, -40°C (-40°F) P/N: 010-592-20-050
    FlexNet FMPS, FTTX Multipurpose PS, 120V line cord, -40°C (-40°F) P/N: 010-592-20-053

    Alpha extends its family of FTTx powering solutions to include the FTTx Multipurpose Power Supply (FMPS) supporting MDU, MTU and SBU ONT products. The FMPS is an intelligent microprocessor controlled 48Vdc UPS system. The input is powered from either a customer owned 90 to 320Vac power outlet or a hard-wired AC connection. System includes one or two parallel outputs and alarm connections, supporting distances of up to 100 ft between the FMPS and ONT, allowing the FMPS to be located close to existing power outlets. Individually monitored 48Vdc strings of standard 7Ah to 8Ah VRLA batteries provide standby power. Built-in battery heater supports extended runtimes at -40°C. LED indicators and an audible alarm provide local visual status, and PacketCable and dry contact compliant telemetry connections to the ONT or MTA.