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24 to 48Vdc CXPS 24→48-i

24 to 48V DC-DC Converter System
  • Part Number: Bulk Input: 053-996-20-000, Dual Feed Input: 053-997-20-000
  • Product Line: Converter System
  • Related Categories: DC Power Solutions
24 to 48Vdc CXPS 24→48-i
24 to 48Vdc CXPS 24→48-i
24 to 48V DC-DC Converter System
  • Integrated 8kW capacity 24-48Vdc converter system with front access distribution
  • Support for small to medium 48Vdc loads from legacy 24V power system
  • Integrated Cordex CXCi for advanced local and remote monitoring and control
  • Internal low voltage shutdown feature for cost effective integration into existing systems
  • Universal 19/23" mounting for flexible installation options into existing racks
  • Alpha CXPS standard power systems bring proven Cordex technology into a standard integrated system package.The CXPS 24-48-i uses high density CXDF 24-48/2kW DC-DC converters, a front access distribution center, and the advanced, CXCi controller.

    The CXPS 24-48-i is a perfect solution for various small 48Vdc applications, co-located to existing 24Vdc power system. With a small footprint and high temperature operation, it is ideal for outside plant installations. The system provides up to 148A @ 54Vdc, and includes 18 total (1-100A) breaker positions.

    The system is a universal 19" or 23" rack mount design and can be easily integrated into various racks, boxbays, or enclosures.

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