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Cellect 5000

Flexible AC & DC Small Cell (4G/5G) Outdoor Power System
Cellect 5000
Cellect 5000
Flexible AC & DC Small Cell (4G/5G) Outdoor Power Cabinet
  • Low profile outdoor power system delivering up to 5000W output at 46°C
  • 96.9% efficiency to reduce operational expense
  • Unsurpassed flexibility providing up to ten 48Vdc and ten 120/240Vac protected circuits for customer loads
  • Integrated 100A load center minimizes pole space and attachment costs
  • Type 3R rating provides protection from rain, sleet, snow, and ice
  • Lightweight design maximizes options for deployment on poles and walls
  • The Cellect 5000 outdoor power system is a hybrid solution offering greater flexibility in breaker options to support both AC and DC powered Small Cells.

    The Cellect 5000 outdoor power system is based on the highly efficient Cordex® 3.0kW rectifier modules. The operating temperature ranges from -30 to 46°C (-30 to 115°F) provides a maximum of 5000 watts of power and de-rates to 4000 watts at 55°C (131°F) that is ideal for any environmental condition. Pole space and pole attachment costs are minimized with our unique integrated 100-amp load center. The pole mount bracket streamlines the installation process with a 6” offset from pole that meets utility standards.

    The Cellect 5000 outdoor power system is a front-access, high-powered, flexible, light weight and aesthetically pleasing system which was designed as an all-in-one solution to meet both 4G and 5G deployment needs.

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