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48Vdc CXPS-C

48V High Capacity Centralized Power System
48Vdc CXPS-C
48Vdc CXPS-C 48-10000
48V High Capacity Centralized Power System
  • 48V 12,000A centralized power solution for MSC, CO, Data Center and Cable Headend facilities
  • High efficiency Cordex modular rectifiers reduce operating costs
  • Flexible circuit breaker, TPS and TPL fuse options designed to feed equipment or remote BDFBs
  • Compact footprint dramatically reduces floor space requirements
  • Internal Bay-to-Bay copper busswork and easy access to connections simplify installation and serviceability
  • Expandable power and distribution bays allow for easy and cost effective modular growth
  • The Cordex CXPS-C power system provides high capacity DC power for large communications applications. This system combines the capabilities of installation friendly distribution, advanced microprocessor based supervision, and modular rectifiers in a seamless integrated package. Shunt mux provides single point monitoring of branch distribution with data logging features.

    The Cordex CXPS-C system is cost effective due to the internal copper busswork, and is delivered ready to assemble with factory tested components. Cable access is from the top; for standard installations and bottom; (load circuits) for computer floor applications. Hot swappable Cordex power modules and internal busswork provide safe and easy installation and maintenance.

    Key Applications
    The CXPS-C 48-12,000 is a next generation centralized DC power plant that combines ease of service, installation, and maintenance in a large switching center plant, enabling service providers to realize the economic benefits of high efficiency rectifiers, high density design and intelligent control.

    Unlike other large plants, the CXPS-C offers 4000 Amps of rectification in a single bay which can be equipped with either single phase or 3-phase rectifiers.

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