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DC Power Solutions

Alpha builds on its extensive experience in serving the Telecom, Data Center, Cable TV, Security and Traffic markets to deliver the broadest assortment of DC power solutions. Our solutions range from multi-bay systems for large switching offices to small shelf systems that can mount on a wall, or occupy a single rack space. Alpha’s leading-edge, high efficiency power conversion technology and Cordex controllers are the essential building blocks of our DC power solutions. But our power systems are further distinguished by a variety of distribution options and craftfriendly cable management that enable them to serve a broad variety of applications.

Alpha's shelf systems provide a complete power solution in a rack mount package. Each system incorporates a Cordex™ controller, rectifiers and distribution options in a compact shelf design. Distribution can be located inside the shelf for applications with a few loads, or adjoined in integrated panels for those sites where additional distribution positions are needed. In either case, optional accessories such as Low Voltage Disconnects (LVD's), shunts and temperature compensation are common options on most integrated solutions. For medium to large system applications, Alpha offers a complete line of standard AC and DC system solutions designed to maximize space and cost savings. System options include various relay rack structures, custom distribution configurations, multiple voltage output designs and front accessibility. As with shelf systems, the standard accessories such as LVD's, shunts and temperature compensation are available.

On top of this extensive line of standard products, Alpha continues its legacy of designing new solutions to meet market needs. Capitalizing on our experience in multiple markets plus our technical and application know-how, Alpha is ready to earn your business with customized solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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