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48Vdc Cordex HP 12kW/480

Modular Switched Mode Three-Phase Rectifier
  • Part Number: 0100020-001
  • Product Line: DC Rectifiers Modules
  • Related Categories: DC Power Solutions
48Vdc Cordex HP 12kW/480
  • High performance -48V high capacity rectifier for CO, MSC, Data Center and Cable Headend facilities
  • High efficiency for decreased OPEX and reduced carbon footprint
  • True three-phase, three wire 480Vac input
  • Legacy power system upgrade ready, with Cordex HP controller
  • Cordex High-Performance rectifiers make a proven, reliable platform even better, with significant advancements in efficiency and performance. In a compact, fan-cooled design, Alpha's HP rectifiers open the possibility for immediate OPEX/CAPEX savings, reducing total cost of ownership and impact on the environment, and are useable under a wider range of applications.

    The Cordex HP 12kW is a perfect solution for various 48Vdc high capacity applications including Central Office, MTSO’s and Data Centers.

    Cordex HP 12kW is a true three-phase, three wire, 480Vac input rectifier which meets the critical requirements of current high density telecommunications environments. It combines the latest DSP controlled power conversion technology, to provide a flexible, efficient and highly reliable DC power source. Local and remote setup, adjustment and control is a simple single-step process with Cordex CXC HP system controllers. By utilizing TCP/IP technology, complete configuration and monitoring of power equipment is possible through a network web browser.

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