24Vdc Cordex 3.1kW

24Vdc Modular Switched Mode Rectifier
  • Part Number: 010-572-20
  • Product Line: DC Rectifiers Modules
  • Related Categories: DC Power Solutions
24Vdc Cordex 3.1kW
  • Available in 130A @ 24Vdc
  • High power density, over 21kW per 23" shelf
  • Compliant with the stringent EMI immunity requirements for power station and substation environments
  • Power limiting and wide range AC input
  • High efficiency and power factor correction
  • Hot swappable, 4RU ultra compact design
  • Cordex rectifiers bring advanced technology to the DC power industry. Innovative engineering combines the best in efficiency and reliability meeting the power requirements for a variety of system applications.

    The 24Vdc Cordex 3.1kW rectifier has extremely high density providing the most power in the least amount of space. A compact 4RU shelf accommodates six rectifiers per 23in shelf and five rectifiers per 19in shelf.

    Local and remote setup, adjustment and control is a simple, single-step process with the Cordex CXC System Controller. By utilizing TCP/IP technology, complete configuration and monitoring of power equipment is possible through a network web browser.

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