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48" Outdoor Traffic BBS Enclosure
  • Product Line: Small Outdoor Enclosures
  • Related Categories: Enclosures
  • Traffic grade aluminum enclosure protects battery backup power systems from outdoor elements
  • Various mounting options (including pole-mount) provide a flexible solution for traffic applications
  • Large sun shield reduces solar heat load inside the cabinet
  • Thermostat controlled fan and louvered vents ensure reliable operation in high temperatures
  • 180° stainless steel piano hinged door with two locking open positions makes internal component installation and maintenance easy and convenient
  • Three-point latching mechanism with Corbin Type 2 lock (or optional Best lock) for maximum security
  • The Alpha® SE48-2216 Outdoor Enclosure is designed to protect rugged battery backup power system components from harsh outdoor elements in critical traffic and ITS applications. The rugged enclosure is made of 0.125” aluminum and designed to easily accommodate an Alpha uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 350-2000W power module, Alpha® transfer switches, and up to four AlphaCell® 195XTV, 240XTV, 3.5HP or 4.0HP batteries with room for additional components that may be required for your application. The SE48-2216 enclosure is an outdoor rated (NEMA 3R) enclosure. Features include: stainless steel door handle, integrated lock and latch, integrated document holder, optional battery slide out trays and an angled generator plug with water tight generator door (generator plug option).

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