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41" General Purpose Outdoor Enclosure
  • Product Line: Medium Outdoor Enclosures
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The SE41 series enclosure is a configured-to-order system which when equipped with Alpha’s reliable power systems meets a wide range of AC and DC powering needs. A 120/240VAC, 100A load center brings power into the enclosure enabling DC output up to 14.4kW or AC output up to 2kW. The NEMA 3R enclosure offers cooling and heating options allowing the system to operate in extreme weather conditions ranging from -40 to 46C ambient. Combining these extensive powering and cooling options with battery backup, the SE41 enclosure becomes a versatile powering system with a wide range of applications. 

The SE41 enclosure is offered in both 22”D (SE41-2722) or 30”D (SE41-2730) enclosures providing more flexibility for internal equipment and wiring. 20RU of equipment space allocates ample room for customer equipment with 19” and 23” equipment rail options. The SE41 enclosure reduces and simplifies installation difficulties by offering pole, pad, plinth, and wall mounting options. 


Features and Benefits


  • Highly configurable outdoor enclosure for AC or DC power equipment
  • 20RU of available equipment space for power, batteries and customer equipment on 19” or 23” rails
  • Rear access plate provides access to the rear of equipment which simplifies the cable routing and termination to equipment
  • Flexible thermal management solutions enable convenient matching to load and environmental parameters
  • Versatile deployment with pole, wall and ground mount options

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    Shelves Options
    • SE41-2722/2730

    Configurable-to-order outdoor enclosure
    designed for mobile and broadband applications
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