72" Double Door Cell Site Enclosure
  • Detachable enclosure design allows for easy separation and transport for roof-top installations, eliminating the need for a crane
  • 30RU of customer equipment space on one side with power, distribution and batteries located on the other
  • Maximum power supported is 10.8kW @ -48Vdc with 48 plug-in style breakers
  • Flexible thermal management solutions enable convenient matching to load and environmental parameters
  • Multiple access points from the outside provide greater flexibility in the installation and wiring of customer equipment
  • Designed to meet seismic, salt fog and wind-driven rain requirements as per Telcordia GR-487 standard
  • Description

    Alpha outdoor enclosures bring versatility and reliability to outdoor powering applications. The TE72-6030 double door
    cell site enclosure provides 30RU of customer equipment space on one side with 10.8kW of -48Vdc power and 3 strings of batteries located on the other side. The TE72-6030 enclosure ships as two separate enclosures bolted together and mounted on a common plinth. Trust Alpha outdoor enclosures to provide the ultimate protection for network equipment.

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