20" General Purpose Outdoor Enclosure
  • Multipurpose indoor/outdoor enclosure designed for small power (AC or DC) applications requiring batteries, power equipment or both
  • Various mounting options provide a flexible solution for space constrained or remote applications
  • Thermostat controlled, filtered fan cooling and louvered vents ensure reliable operation in high temperature environments
  • Durable aluminum construction provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • AC and DC power connections (pre-wired at factory) reduce field installation time
  • Alpha's outdoor enclosures bring versatility and reliability to outdoor power system enclosures. In addition to ADSL, T1, and fiber optic transmission system (FOTS) facility applications, the TE20-2120 is designed to meet the requirements for service providers with many other remote outdoor or secure indoor applications.

    Welded aluminum construction provides structural integrity with high corrosion resistant properties for harsh weather conditions. The TE20-2120 is designed for remote applications and can be pole or pedestal mounted. It is also available in a secure indoor rack or wall mount configuration.

    Trust Alpha outdoor enclosures to provide the ultimate protection for your network equipment.

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