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Zero RU 48Vdc Power Distribution Unit
  • Product Line: Distribution
  • Eliminates the use of valuable revenue-generating RU space within network equipment cabinets
  • Mounts on the rear of almost any cabinet allowing for ease of access to secondary load connections
  • Connectorized secondary outputs permit ease of installation to network equipment
  • 125A PDU (100A continuous rating) allows for better utilization of upstream feed (BDFB or power board)
  • Built-in monitoring of total PDU current, bus voltage, and main breaker trip
  • The convergence of computing, storage, and networking is creating a surge in the deployment of DC-powered, IT-style equipment in telecom central offices, data centers, and cable MSOs.

    Typically, this equipment is mounted in IT cabinets within the facility due to its size. However, the compact footprint and high current drain of the IT equipment complicate the installation, especially when the distribution of DC power to each device is provided by a rack-mounted Power Distribution Unit. Alpha’s Z-PDU series of Zero RU 48Vdc Power Distribution Unit solves this problem by delivering DC power distribution without occupying valuable rack space in the IT cabinet.

    Alpha’s Z-PDU series provides up to 20 secondary circuits on a 125A (100A continuous) unit. Each circuit can deliver up to 40A. The unit can be installed in the rear of almost any cabinet providing network installers with easier access to secondary circuits. And connectorized outputs significantly improve the ease of installing network gear.

    The Z-PDU features the ability to monitor total PDU current, bus voltage, and main breaker trip signals through use of Alpha’s L-ADIO connected to a centralized Alpha CXC-HP system controller. 

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