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Smart BDFB

Secondary Distribution System
  • Product Line: Distribution
Smart BDFB
  • Smart secondary distribution solution for CO, MTSO, Data Center and Cable Headend facilities
  • Monitoring and alarming via IP/SNMP connectivity
  • Centralized monitoring via CAN connection enabling a single IP connection to all BDFB's at a facility
  • Enhanced cable management using the industry’s first wider and deeper design
  • Improved primary cable access via Alpha’s termination option
  • Flexible dual, quad, 6 or 8 feed options
  • Each panel consists of 20 secondary load positions
  • Flexible circuit breaker and TPS fuse options
  • The Smart BDFB is a high capacity secondary distribution system which combines Alpha’s successful BDFB platform with the capability to monitor and alarm system parameters via IP/ SNMP capabilities. Alpha Technologies' Smart BDFB is unique as it has the capability to be monitored from a centralized controller, either residing in the power plant or as a standalone unit, essentially enabling the operator to monitor all BDFBs using a single IP connection.

    The system has been designed based on standard rear access for input feeder cable and secondary load cable terminations. It can be configured either as a dual, or up to an eight (8) feed BDFB (with each individual panel providing up to twenty (20) secondary load positions). 

    The 8x800A provides a total system capacity exceeding 5000A (continuous rating), distributed amongst 8 panels, enabling customers to obtain full utilization of the current (from the primary power plant). Optional cable management bus kits significantly improve cable management by providing additional flexibility while cabling the BDFB.

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