HDN 300/600

High Power Density Networked DC Distribution Center
  • Product Line: Distribution
HDN 300/600
  • Occupies 3RU of rack space
  • 19/23” rack mount
  • Configurable power routing options
  • 22 circuit breaker positions (single input)
  • 11A/11B circuit breaker positions (A/B input)
  • The HDN 300 and 600 are updates to the HDN product family. The HDN is now available in 300A maximum rating as well as a 600A version. Both panels have improved input landings that now allow up to two 750 kcmil cables back-to-back.

    The HDN is an advanced breaker panel that provides robust, high density DC power distribution for rack mount servers and broadband applications such as VOD, CMTS and VOIP.

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