Battery Mid-Point Monitor
  • Cost effective battery status monitoring solution
  • 24 or 48Vdc universal input
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple pass/fail local and remote indication
  • Description

    The SD08 Battery Fail Monitor module is designed to monitor the status of a single string, using mid-point monitoring. The SD08 splits the battery string voltage in half and the string voltage halves are compared. If the difference between the two exceeds the programmed value (set by front panel rotary switch) then an alarm is sent via a Form "C" relay and the red "BATT FAIL" LED is illuminated. The red LED is latching and requires manual intervention to reset (front panel push button).

    A complete battery monitoring system consists of one or more SD08 modules installed in a 19" or 23"' panel or wall mount unit. Additional SD08 modules can be added at a later time.


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