CXC HP Smart Peripheral
  • Part Number: 0180051
  • Product Line: DC System Controllers
  • CXC HP series ADIO peripheral with flexible rack, panel, and DIN mounting options
  • I/O expansion via CAN bus for advanced site monitoring applications, including support for future growth
  • Provides six accurate monitoring channels for current measurements
  • The Cordex CXC HP 6i-ADIO offers modular and expandable current input monitoring to power solutions and monitoring applications using CXC HP series controllers. The 6i-ADIO is part of the CXC HP series of advanced I/O peripherals incorporating flexible mounting, high accuracy and many advanced features via the HP control platform.

    The 6i-ADIO provides 6 current inputs and is seamlessly recognized by the CXC HP control platform which also provides advanced setup wizards to create various power systems using Cordex power conversion products such as rectifiers, converters, inverters and line powering solutions.

    The 6i-ADIO and other IO peripherals ensure effortless operation and management capability to satisfy the most demanding and advanced energy system applications.

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