Comms Extender

CXC HP Smart Peripheral
  • Part Number: Consult with Alpha for PN
  • Product Line: DC System Controllers
  • Related Categories: Peripherals
Comms Extender
  • Repeats CAN Packages between MAIN & SUB BUS
  • Allows bus extension via T type connections
  • Supports connections of up to 1000’ for a single line
  • Injects CAN power into SUB BUS CAN connector when auxiliary power is provided
  • Provides isolation between MAIN & SUB BUS
  • The Comms Extender allows for extension of CAN-networks and the use of new topologies.

    The Comms Extender further enhance the communications capabilities of Enersys smart power products. The re-transmission of communications packets over the CAN BUS ensures that power products will meet the quality and robust communication demands put on today’s power management systems.

    The T-connect configuration electrically separates the line between the MAIN and SUB BUS. Signal cleanup and boost into the SUB BUS enhance the CAN communication beyond the inherent radius limitation of CAN networks. A single expansion kit can provide up to 1000 feet of wired communication to link different components of the Enersys Power system.

    Another feature of the Comms Extender is the power injection onto the SUB BUS occurs when auxiliary power is provided via the external power connection. This allow the expansion of power systems by adding power modules to systems that were otherwise limited by the number of nodes supported due to the limited CAN power.

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