Cordex CXC HP

System Controller
  • Part Number: 0180036
Cordex CXC HP
  • Advanced next-generation control and monitoring platform for Alpha's Cordex product family
  • High resolution color touchscreen LCD display with advanced local UI
  • Integrated USB host for local firmware upgrades, configuration updates and system backup/restoration
  • Comprehensive graphical user interface for advanced system configuration
  • Seamless integration of multiple energy systems allowing comprehensive management, monitoring and control.
  • External ADIO peripherals for customizing unique I/O configurations
  • Compact flexible mounting options to reduce vertical space requirements
  • Key Applications

    The CXC HP controller provides total energy system management and single point of control and monitoring of various power generation and storage devices in critical power applications. Unlike other power system controllers, the CXC HP has been designed to manage today’s advanced control and automation requirements as well as for future features in next generation Alpha power conversion products. At the same time, the CXC HP is completely backwards compatible with all Alpha Cordex rectifiers, DC-DC converters, line power products and inverters.

    From the Product Manager
    "The CXC HP platform has an impressive set of new features available today for managing the family of Cordex power conversion devices, plus a roadmap of new features and capabilities that will improve the entire energy management process for the customer," said Bill Killion, Senior Product Manager at Alpha.  "The CXC HP simplifies on-site system commissioning and troubleshooting with standard features such as dual Ethernet and USB ports as well as a 4.3” 480x272 hi-resolution touchscreen color display.  The advanced user interface was designed to accommodate both ease of use as well as permitting advanced energy system management and automation.  Alpha is developing additional security, fleet management, and performance management features to provide operators with various cost saving opportunities such as peak shaving and demand response applications."


    The Cordex CXC HP system controller provides a high performance control and monitoring option for all Alpha Cordex products. The CXC HP brings a refreshed look, increased horsepower, and advanced configurability to the proven Cordex CXC controller family.

    CXC HP includes multiple communication ports including two Ethernet connections to permit simultaneous local craft access as well as permanent LAN/WAN connectivity. Dual USB ports provide advanced file management capabilities including firmware upgrades and system configuration management. A USB key may also be used to quickly backup and
    restore site configuration settings and data logs.

    The CXC HP web based user interface provides detailed inventory management allowing integration of advanced energy systems incorporating multiple power elements. Systems with rectifiers, converters, inverters, and various energy generation and storage elements can be configured and monitored with ease. Users may also create custom inventory such as
    shunts, LVD’s, battery systems, and loads to effectively manage all aspects of their energy system.

    Cordex CXC HP ensures effortless operation and management to satisfy the most demanding and advanced energy system applications.