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XMBS with Auto Sync

External Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Product Line: Transfer Switches
XMBS with Auto Sync
  • Voltage and phase monitoring for safe and reliable system bypass which maintains power to critical AC loads
  • Automated synchronization for in-phase transfer; protecting downstream equipment
  • Power metering option for voltage, current and power display and monitoring
  • User selectable AUTO mode transfer from inverter to utility in event of inverter failure for increased availability
  • LED indicators for power flow, and auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring
  • The External Maintenance Bypass Switch with Auto Sync (XMBS) makes scheduled maintenance or inverter replacement easier and more reliable by allowing a manual transfer of connected equipment to utility power without disruption to loads.

    Most AC power failures in a critical facility or data center can be linked to faulty transfers between utility AC and backup power sources. The patent-pending Auto Synch technology in the XMBS minimizes these failures by preventing transfers when voltages and phases are not in range.

    The Auto Transfer feature in the XMBS enables transfer to Utility automatically if an Inverter system fails. The easy-to-use XMBS includes Local LED indicators and optional smart LCD metering that provide valuable information to users on site for improved operational efficiency.

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