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Celltron Advanced

Stationary Battery String Analyzer
Celltron Advanced
  • Complete battery life trending through conductance tests
  • Non-intrusive conductance measurements do not reduce string life
  • Quick, accurate measurements and data recording reduce on-site time
  • Simple pinpoint testing requires only access to two battery posts or straps
  • Enables early detection of questionable batteries in the network
    • Nominal Specifications
      Model Number: CTA-4000 (kit) CTA-2000 (analyzer only)
      Applications: Tests individual acid cells or monoblocs (up to 16V) in any common configuration
      Voltage: 1 to 20Vdc
      Conductance: 100 to 9,999 Siemens
      Test Data Storage: 16 string locations of 480 test results stored internally
      Accuracy: +/-2% across test range
      Voltmeter Resolution: 5mVdc
      Environmental Specifications
      Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C / 32 to 104°F
      Humidity: 95% non-condensing
      Conductance Technology
      IEEE Standards 1188 & 484
      EPRI Guide for testing stationary batteries
      Guide for Testing Stationary Batteries International
      Telecommunications Energy Conference
      Bellcore T1Y1
      Presentation for American National Standards Institute
      International Lead Zinc Research Organization
      Battery Council International
      Cable TV/Broadband Power Networks
      - Outside Plant Batteries - Headend DC/AC Batteries - Premise Back Up Supplies (FTTx)
      6/12V, 5 to 600AH Stationary Batteries
      Security System Batteries
      Emergency Lighting Batteries
      Features and Benefits
      Simple - One-step testing, no instrument inputs or adjustments required.
      Quick - Battery voltage and conductance displayed in less than 10 seconds. Test an entire 48V string in less than 1 minute.
      Safe - Utilizes patented conductance technology, a passive method that minimizes technician risk.
      Accurate - Field test proven to ±2% accuracy across test range. Conductance method recognized by IEEE standard for the testing of lead-acid batteries with proven correlation to battery capacity.
      Economical - Efficient and accurate battery tester priced to fit into every technician’s tool kit.
      Celltron Advanced Kit CTA-4000AT
      Contains: Protective boot
      Rechargeable battery pack
      Infrared PC data receiver and software
      Infrared printer
      Infrared temperature sensor
      Protective carrying case
      Both clamp and probe cables
      Spare fuses, printer paper, probe tips
      Optional Equipment: Handheld Printer
      Infrared Module for PC

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