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Traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems

For over 20 years, Alpha has been providing Traffic UPS solutions, which enable traffic operators to better manage resources and reduce operating expenses by improving traffic controller reliability.

We offer a full family of TYPE 3R outdoor enclosures. hardened outdoor-rated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), small to larger indoor UPS, and specialty batteries for traffic infrastructure (including traffic light intersections and signage), and Traffic ITS private wireless networking applications; including Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh Network, WiFi, Wireless System and Fiber installations that communicate with a Traffic Management Center.

Our Traffic UPS solutions are ruggedized to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, ensuring your traffic systems will always have access to reliable power.

If your business is traffic operations, here are reasons why it makes sense to consider a Traffic UPS system:

  • Provide continual power to your operating system in the event of a power outage, sag or brown out until regular utility power is restored – even in extreme weather conditions
  • Condition and regulate the quality of the commercial power supply to your traffic system which improves reliability
  • Keep your traffic intersections flowing and prevent or minimize severe accidents
  • Reduce your operating expenses by eliminating false service call-outs and expensive truck rolls


Without a continual power supply, busy traffic intersections go dark and chaos ensues.
A properly designed outdoor battery backup system keeps your traffic intersections alive. Traffic flows, accidents/injury are minimized and lives potentially saved.
An Alpha Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides reliable, clean power to your traffic intersection for 8 hours or more after utility power fails.
With low upfront procurement, installation and maintenance costs, backup power is within reach of your traffic operations budget.

With 40+ years experience Alpha is the UPS expert. We supply more solutions to meet the unique needs of the Traffic Industry than anyone else.

Alpha is the only Total Power Solutions provider for the Traffic Industry with:
• Systems offering class leading efficiency and transfer time
• The broadest market acceptance with over 50,000 intersections backed up
• DOT approval (including Caltrans) in more States and Provinces than anyone else!



The Alpha ® SE48-1616 Outdoor Enclosure is designed to protect traffic industry battery backup power system components from harsh outdoor elements. The rugged enclosure is made of 0.125" aluminum and designed to easily accommodate an Alpha uninterruptible power supply (UPS) module, Alpha transfer switches, and up to four AlphaCell ® 195 XTV, 240 XTV,3.5HP or 4.0HP batteries with room for additional components that may be required for your application. The SE48-1616 is an outdoor rated (TYPE 3R) enclosure.

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S6-2216 Enclosure


The Alpha® SE48-2216 Outdoor Enclosure is designed to protect rugged battery backup power system components from harsh outdoor elements in critical traffic and ITS applications. The rugged enclosure is made of 0.125” aluminum and designed to easily accommodate an Alpha uninterruptible power supply, Alpha transfer switches, and up to four AlphaCell® 195XTV, 240XTV, 3.5HP or 4.0HP batteries. Features include optional battery slide out trays.

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Alpha Traffic Mini BBS

Alpha Traffic Mini BBS

The Alpha® Traffic Mini Battery Backup Systems (BBS) is a rugged enclosure made of 0.125" aluminum and designed to easily accommodate an Alpha uninterruptible power supply, Universal Automatic Transfer Switch and up to four AlphaCell® 100 XTV or two 195/240XTV’s. The Alpha Traffic Mini BBS series provides the same functionality as the Alpha class leading FXM Series, for lower power space constraint applications, in a single easy to install cabinet with a favorable curb appeal.

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FXM HP 650, 1100 and 2000 UPS Modules

The FXM HP UPS continues the longstanding excellence in Battery Backup Systems by ensuring equipment in security, communications, traffic, industrial environments, and many other critical applications remains safe and protected from power disturbances and outages. Thanks to its powerful programmable temperature compensated battery charger, the FXM UPS is capable of providing the runtime and extended battery life you need. The FXM HP colored LCD touchscreen display provides access to multiple configurable tabs for quick system status, overview and configuration without the need of a laptop

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Ensure optimal performance for your outdoor broadband, cable television, telecommunications, traffic, security and renewable energy applications by incorporating AlphaCell™ batteries. With Alpha’s standby batteries, you don’t have to worry about leakage, frequent replacements, or cycling to obtain 100% capacity. They come ready to support your network runtime expectations right out of the box. Whether it is the industry-leading warranty, the increased runtimes or the maintenance-free threaded inserts, you can expect optimum performance from AlphaCell™ batteries.

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Battery Heater Mats

Alpha's battery heater mats are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Alpha's battery heater mats are a low-cost way of keeping backup batteries operating at their optimal temperature, maintaining battery backup performance at >70% of nominal levels at ambient temperatures below 32°F/0°C. The heater mats' insulated bottom ensure that energy is directed to the batteries and not wasted heating the enclosure.

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Bypass and Transfer Switches

A transfer switch allows safe switching from utility power to emergency power while maintaining isolation of each source from the other. Alpha offers a range of transfer and bypass switches as part of our total power solutions package. These switches allow for power to be seamlessly migrated between utility/line to battery backup or generator.

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Portable Battery Slider Plate

Alpha’s Portable Battery Slider Plate is a simple, low-cost solution designed specifically for the Alpha SE48-1616 (formerly S6) Battery Backup System Enclosure. It locks easily onto the cabinet providing greater ease of battery installation, main-tenance and replacement, whenever a technician accesses batteries. Think less back injuries and crushed fingers.
Remote Battery Management System

Remote Battery Management System

Advanced remote battery monitoring & management system offers a more intelligent and cost effective means of determining battery condition and cuts maintenance cost by as much as 95%. No service trucks required!

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