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Alpha knows all about Telecommunications POWER. For over 20 years, we've delivered solutions that solve the unique powering challenges of the world's biggest and most advanced telecom, mobility, backhaul and microwave networks.

Alpha's distinctive excellence is demonstrated in our line of products that can be customized to suit almost any Telecom power application and environment. Alpha offers the next generation in high-efficiency DC power systems, high density rectifiers, DC to DC converters, distribution centers, network ready supervisory modules and power enclosures, along with specialty power solutions such as Line Power, FTTX, Solar and telecom-grade DC generators.


Alpha Technologies Ltd. has had its Quality Management System approved for certification to TL 9000, an extension of ISO 9001.

  • Powering IDAS NetworksThe advent of Indoor Distributed Antenna System (IDAS) networks has greatly increased the capacity and reach of wireless service in public venues such as sports stadiums, convention centers and hotels.
  • Powering the ONTDuring the first few years of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments, the most prevalent method of powering Optical Network Terminals was to provide Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) or battery backup systems at the customer’s premises.
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Fiber Power

Alpha Technologies offers a complete portfolio of fiber-to-the premise powering options with a line of single-family unit (SFU), multiple dwelling unit (MDU) and small office home office (SOHO) power solutions. All are engineered to perform reliably in the most demanding environmental conditions while optimizing battery life and performance.

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Wireless / Cell site Powering

Tens of thousands of telecom cell sites depend on Alpha Technologies for backup power. Cell sites... Backhaul... DAS... Alpha is the power behind them all with our high efficiency DC power plants, AC inverters and wireless enclosures. Alpha is the expert in wireless power, whether GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX or LTE, our power solutions deliver the quality and performance that help you achieve the 24x7, always-on performance your customers have come to expect.

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Line Power

Line Power is rapidly emerging as a new alternative to using local power as means of powering Fiber to the Home, DAS and DSLAMs. Telcos are beginning to use line power to ensure the subscribers receive the same high level of quality and reliability they are accustomed to, even during extended commercial power outages. By using centralized power and COE battery backup, Telcos distribute the power across normal copper pairs to power the ONT, antenna system or DSLAM, eliminating the need for AC power and batteries at the house or venue, thus improving network reliability and customer satisfaction. Take a serious look at Line Power – it's reliable, safe, viable and affordable.

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Cable Headends

Whether FTTN or FTTH, your IPTV network relies on dependable power solutions. Alpha combines high-performance, carrier-grade DC power plants, AC inverters, and outside plant (OSP) cabinets with the know-how from powering more CATV headends than anyone else. We’re the experts in headend powering, creating network power solutions that provide the utmost level of reliability – Just ask every major Cable MSO in North America.

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DAS Power

Alpha Technologies delivers end-to-end DAS powering solutions from the head end to the remote radios and macro BTS with our industry leading AC and DC power systems. With more than 4 years of DAS powering experience, ranging from high-end communities, event venues and carrier network extensions, Alpha powers more DAS networks than any other company.

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Alpha's Power Solutions CatalogWe're excited to announce that we've added 20 outstanding new or updated products to our expansive portfolio of power solutions for the Telecom, Traffic, Security, Industrial, and Renewable Energy industries.
View the new catalog online to check out our new product lineup!


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