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Power for Rural America

Alpha has many products targeted for use in rural applications. All the products on this page are included at and are suitable for use in RUS applications.

Alpha’s industry leading AC and DC telecom power systems address power applications in the central office, the remote terminal and the edge of the network.   Our high performance switchmode rectifier systems can be used to replace aging Ferroresonant rectifiers, lowering your energy bill and improving the environment.

Alpha’s rugged UPS’s can be installed in harsh environments to provide battery backup to critical circuits.

Our OSP cabinets meet the highest standards for quality and protection, and our DC generators ensure your outside plant electronics keep working even after the batteries are fully discharged. Furthermore, Alpha’s extensive line of FTTH products power all types of FTTH networks.

TL 9000 Certification

Alpha Technologies Ltd. has had its Quality Management System approved for certification to TL 9000, an extension of ISO 9001.

TL 9000 Certification
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Central Office Products

Alpha has several products suitable for use in Central Offices. The entire office can be powered by our large 48V power systems, or individual racks of equipment can be powered by our shelf-based systems. If you need carrier grade AC backup power, Alpha’s line of inverters ranges from a small shelf to a full 80kVA system. And both the DC and AC systems use our Cordex controllers, ensuring you control of all your rural telecom power products with a single controller platform.


Cordex CXC HP System Controller

48V Rectifiers
Cordex HP 2.4kW

Cordex HP 4.0kW


INEX System

Outside Plant Products

Alpha’s OSP products include various shapes and sizes of cabinets, with a wide array of thermal management options. From NEMA 3R to GR-487, Alpha’s cabinets meet the standards for deployment in the harsh outside plant environment. Rugged UPS and rectifier systems designed with wide temperature ranges provide the primary backup power for the cabinets. And Alpha’s DC generators supply the power when the batteries are fully discharged.


Alpha FXM HP



Fiber to the Home

Alpha offers a full suite of FTTH solutions, including both local and remote power options, for power Optical Network Terminals. Local power options include power rings for tapping power at the utility meter as well as indoor and outdoor UPS’s. Alpha completes its FTTH product family with an array of line power products that include all the components necessary to supply power from a central site (e.g., the CO) over copper cable pairs to the ONT.

Super Capacitors

AlphaCap 665

Line Power Systems

Local Power Systems
FlexNet MPS
FlexPoint AX Series

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