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Alpha has been in the repair business since 1983, and has established an efficient, international network of service depots for RMAs, product repair and refurbishment of Alpha and third-party equipment. All warranty and non-warranty repairs, testing and calibration are provided by certified technicians using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

As the original equipment designer for your Alpha Power Solutions, only we can:

  • Provide the highest quality repair for Alpha products
  • Apply the latest factory upgrades and ECOs
  • Perform ATPs to provide the appropriate level of testing after each repair
  • Be your sole vendor for both warranty and non-warranty repairs

In addition to our ability to handle support and repair of non-Alpha power equipment, our lean methodologies and continuous improvement culture has consistently improved pricing and turnaround time for four years in a row. On average, Alpha repair prices are 28% lower today than they were just two years ago, and equipment sent for repair is returned faster and with higher customer satisfaction than ever.

January 2016: efficiency improvements and lower repair prices
Following our latest round of efficiency improvements and improved repair techniques, we are able to provide more effective and efficient repairs. The result is that many of the products on our pricelist will undergo further price reductions as of January 2016. To receive a quote, log your repair request by clicking the blue or green button on the right to log a service request.

  • Did you know? Alpha can provide preventative maintenance on your Alpha or other vendor’s power systems.
  • Feedback on Alpha Depot Repair We are extremely pleased with the success rate on the 48/10 module repairs. Thank You very much for all of the efforts put into this project for us. - Neil Speers, Core Network Engineering, SaskTel
  • Did you know? Alpha Technical Services has lowered repair prices by 28% as compared to just two years ago.
  • Feedback on Alpha Training Alpha did an outstanding job of breaking down the material so it was easy to understand. - Kevin Hill, Project Manager, Spectrum Construction
  • Did you know? Alpha has an extensive world-wide depot repair network, with 17 repair depots in 12 countries.
  • Feedback on Alpha Training Everything was awesome and our instructor was very nice, patient, and knows what he is doing. - Hadi Tayharian, Technologist, Advantage Tower Ltd.

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