Whitepaper: The Power of Loop Reduction
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Whitepaper: The Power of Loop Reduction

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As the foremost proponent of Line Power, Alpha Technologies has created an 8-part series on how to plan and engineer a line-powered DSLAM network. Using our experience with service provider CAF projects, we have created a comprehensive guide to aid in understanding how to use Line Power in a Loop Reduction program.

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Chapter list:

  • Chapter 1 | Introduction to Line Powered DSLAMs
  • Chapter 2 | Planning Considerations for Line Powered DSLAMs
  • Chapter 3 | Determining the Reach for Line Powered DSLAM Networks
  • Chapter 4 | Qualifying Cable Pairs for Line Powered DSLAM Networks
  • Chapter 5 | Engineering the 48Vdc Plant to Power the Line Powered Equipment
  • Chapter 6 | Engineering the OSP Connections in a Line Powered DSLAM Network
  • Chapter 7 | Installing the Line Power Equipment
  • Chapter 8 | Commissioning the Line Power Equipment


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