Remote Line Power Calculator

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How to Use This Tool

The remote line power calculator is a tool designed to support your remote power site commissioning requirements.

The calculator is comprised of 4 main parts:

  1. Remote Load
    a: Input the maximum output load value
  2. Down Converter Parameters
    a: Select the Downconverter Module to be used
  3. Outside Plant (OSP) Parameters
    a: Select desired wire size
    b: Select the type of installation
    c: Input the number of bonded conductors per channel
  4. Upconverter Parameters
    a: Select the Upconverter Module to be used
    b. Input the total number of channels

Once all parameters have been selected, the calculator will return the following values

The calculator will also return an error message if the desired parameters are not allowed or are out of specification. It will then prompt suggestions on how to resolve the issue(s).

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