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Alpha IQ™ The Alpha CAN Ecosystem

Alpha Technologies is bringing intelligence to Critical Facilities through Alpha IQ, a CAN-based ecosystem that uses a single IP connection and intelligent peripheral devices to connect to all the power equipment in the office. The brain of Alpha IQ is the CXC HP Controller, a single point of control and monitoring for various power generation, storage, and distribution products. But the key enabler is using a CAN bus to connect the distributed power elements to the CXC HP Controller. The CAN-bus architecture eliminates the need for individual IP addresses for each device, making it possible to obtain real-time control and monitoring of voltages, currents, and alarms over a single IP connection to the office.

Double-click to zoom in. Click and drag to move around the floor below. Hover over each Hot Spot  below to see a description of each part of the Alpha CAN Ecosystem.

  • Smart Fuse Panel (In Development) 
    Advanced FAP with remote monitoring of bus current, voltage, alarms & temperature
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  • Smart E2 (In Development) 
    High capacity 2U distribution with remote monitoring of bus current, voltage, alarms & temperature
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  • Smart BDFB
    Remote monitor panel voltage, current & alarms
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  • AMPS HP2
    Inverter & UPS solutions with advanced control and automation
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  • Cordex CXC HP
    Single point of monitoring and control for AlphaIQ devices
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  • CXPS-C
    Multiple DC Power Solutions from 5A - 12,000A
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  • Battery Rack
    Monitoring string & midpoint voltages, current & temperature
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  • Generator & Site Monitoring
    Smart I/O Peripherals for facility site monitoring & control
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  • Why Alpha IQ?Single IP address
    Provides ease of network integration

    Why Alpha IQ?

  • Why Alpha IQ?Consolidation of control hardware
    Reduces training, CAPEX, installation & commissioning costs

    Why Alpha IQ?

  • Why Alpha IQ?Advanced power system control, monitoring, automation provides operational information
    Increases site reliability
    Limits manual maintenance

    Why Alpha IQ?

  • Why Alpha IQ?Provides remote access to information
    Lowers OPEX through improved management of site visits

    Why Alpha IQ?

Smart BDFB

Smart BDFB

Our first Alpha IQ-enabled distribution product is the Smart BDFB. The Alpha IQ feature enables the BDFB to monitor voltages, currents, breaker trip alarms, and temperature, and report the data back to a centralized location. The Smart BDFB is capable of communicating to an Alpha IQ enabled CXC HP controller allowing users to leverage their existing system control and monitoring platform via a single IP address. Now, you can see how much power is actually being consumed by secondary DC distribution solutions within a facility.

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