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Powering DAS Networks

Alpha overcomes your DAS and Small Cell infrastructure powering challenges
Alpha is the leader in powering wireless networks, from Macro Cells to DAS to Small Cell networks. We pioneered the powering of indoor DAS remotes using copper cable, dramatically lowering the cost and improving the reliability of these networks. For outdoor DAS, we are the industry leader in powering remotes with our line of rugged UPS systems. Now, we are the first to develop AC, DC and Line Power solutions for Small Cell networks. Our commitment to industry leadership has been rewarded with the opportunity to deploy products in some of the most visible and high priority venues, ranging from high-end communities to convention centers to world-renowned sports venues. Alpha Technologies stands alone as the leader in DAS and Small Cell power.

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Every Alpha DAS powering solution is targeted to the application
Modular and scalable designs meet future power expansion needs, increasing coverage and capacity inside buildings, tunnels or other structures that are hard to cover with a macro network. Minimal visual impact designs make our power solutions much more palatable to civic committees and easier to qualify, allowing them to be mounted on rooftops, building walls, utility poles, lighting poles, ceilings and curbside.

Alpha offers turnkey power solutions for DAS and Small Cell networks

Small Cells • Traditional base stations – 48V and 24V • DAS Head End equipment • Indoor DAS nodes
Outdoor DAS nodes • Distributed BTS with Remote Radio Heads (RRH) • Indoor repeaters

  • Line Powering IDAS Networks Learn about Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (IDAS), a new tool in the network design toolkit, with this collection of five whitepapers. IDAS has greatly increased capacity and reach of wireless service in…
  • NEC Class 2 FAQsFor fire and safety purposes, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has developed specifications for using low voltage DC circuits (<60Vdc)for powering indoor devices. To ensure compliance with the 100W limitation, the power distribution equipment employs active current limiting circuitry.
  • Say Goodbye to Remote BatteriesWith some 80% of wireless traffic originating indoors, there is a growing need for expanded in-building coverage and capacity.

Alpha DAS powering solutions include

Large +24V and 48V power plants for base stations

Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for AC-powered outdoor remote nodes

Compact 48V rectifier plants for DC-powered indoor or outdoor remote nodes

48V line powered systems for indoor DAS nodes

Enclosures for pole, wall or ceiling-mounted power systems

Batteries for small and large battery backup requirements

AC, DC and Line Power Small Cells

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Outdoor DAS remote access units are typically AC powered, though some products are now transitioning to DC. An ODAS remote can consume from 400 to 6000 watts of power, depending on the configuration. DAS remotes with AC inputs are typically powered with one or more of Alpha’s rugged FXM UPS products for deployment in outdoor environments. The FXM can be mounted in a variety of enclosures designed to meet the structure, capacity and aesthetics of any application.

FXM Family


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Today’s indoor DAS remote access units are typically DC powered, and can consume up to 450W of power, depending on the configuration. Alpha is the leading provider of remote (line) power solutions, using the head-end power delivered over copper cables to energize the remotes. Our Line Power solutions also include rectifier systems and/or batteries for use in enterprise applications, or for deployment in a mid-span arrangement at a large indoor venue.



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Head End DAS equipment, which consists of interfaces to the base stations and devices that convert RF energy into light energy for transport over fiber optic cables, can operate off 120Vac and/or -48Vdc, and often requires a mixture of the two. The amount of power required can range from a few hundred to a few thousand watts of power depending on the size of the venue. In some cases, the DAS provider may also supply power for the base stations, which increases the -48Vdc demand by several thousand watts. Alpha has power solutions for all types of head end configurations, including inverters for AC-powered equipment.



Using Class 2 Circuits to Power your Indoor DAS?
Let Alpha simplify the process with our new iDAS Configurator tool. Based on our industry-leading eLimiter+ 100VA Class 2 Distribution System, the Configurator can quickly and easily generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) listing required parts for use in your centralized DC power system.

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