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Say Goodbye to Remote Batteries


With some 80% of wireless traffic originating indoors, there is a growing need for expanded in-building coverage and capacity. Service providers and enterprise customers alike are installing DAS and Small Cell networks to fill the gaps. The important voice and data connections provided by these networks must be continuously available, even during a power outage. Companies typically deploy batteries at both the host sites and the remote nodes to overcome temporary losses of power. However, the proliferation of batteries at the remotes not only increases up front cost, but also adds a recurring operating expense in order to keep them maintained. But not anymore - Alpha Technologies has developed a means of ensuring continuous coverage that eliminates batteries at the remote nodes.

Alpha's new method for powering remote nodes use the power system at the host site to deliver current to the remotes over copper cables. This technique eliminates the need for batteries at the remotes as well as the power equipment needed to keep them charged. While avoiding the capital and operating costs of remote batteries is attractive, this technique is only feasible if the connections between the host and remotes are affordable, safe and easy to install. The key to making this all work is to use NEC Class 2 circuits; i.e., circuits which cannot exceed 60Vdc or 100W.

The benefit of NEC Class 2 connections is that they can be installed by the provider's technicians using regular surface-mounted cabling. Connections that do not meet Class 2 requirements must be enclosed in conduit and installed by licensed electricians. If Class 2 circuits are not employed, the incremental cost for conduit and the electrician make line powering the remotes prohibitively expensive.

As the pioneer of this technique, Alpha offers state-of-the-art products to facilitate the installation. At the host site, our eLimiter+™ distributes power from the host power system to the copper cables. The eLimiter+ includes current limiting circuitry to ensure Class 2 compliance. It also converts the 48V source voltage to 57V to extend the reach to nearly 1600 feet from the host site.

For remotes that require less than 100W to operate, the eLimiter+ is all that's required. But for devices that exceed 100W, a special product is needed at the remote to convert multiple Class 2 circuits into a single bulk 48V output. Alpha's solution is the IDAS Aggregator™, a compact, low profile device that accepts up to 8 Class 2 circuits and delivers a bulk 48V output of nearly 800W. When used with the eLimiter+, the IDAS
Aggregator ensures Class 2 compliance.

Using the eLimiter+ and IDAS Aggregator simplifies the installation and reduces the total capital and ongoing operating costs for powering the DAS or Small Cell network. Together, they enable the DAS provider to once and for all Say Goodbye to Remote Batteries.

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