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Market Overview

Our core target markets include the Telecom, Traffic, Security, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid in addition to the broadband cable sector which remains a significant focal point.

In the Telecom sector, Alpha's DC solutions have long been the standard for reliability and efficiency, built on superior communications and control functionality inherent in its Cordex™ family of controllers. Today, much of Alpha's ongoing research and development investments are directed at developing the next generation of DC power solutions. These products will not only continue to provide Alpha's class-leading reliability, but also help drive OPEX savings by way of greater efficiency and the innovative use of renewable energy technology.

In the emerging raffic market, where fewer than 10% of North American intersections are backed up, Alpha is amongst the market leaders providing back up power and power conditioning for traffic lights, controllers and highway signage. To date, over half of the states in America have standardized on Alpha UPS's for these applications, resulting in Alpha systems already backing up over 15,000 intersections.

In the security sector, there is a growing recognition that without effective backup power most security systems are fundamentally flawed. In other words, No Power = No Security. Alpha has been at the forefront of increasing this awareness, with innovative solutions for almost every type of critical indoor and outdoor security application.

Renewable Energy solutions are rapidly gaining favor due to their versatility; improving economics and positive impact on the environment. Alpha not only offers a variety of renewable solutions, but also brings its considerable experience in backing up critical systems to the emerging Renewable Energy industry as they too need 7x24x365 power assurance.

The Smart Grid sector is beginning to take shape and Alpha is well positioned to address the emerging powering requirements for the Smart Grid networks and devices.

In all these markets, Alpha's success lies in our ability to deliver total power solutions that solve our customers' unique powering challenges and to provide exceptional customer service and support.

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