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Remote Line Power Solutions and Papers to be Featured at INTELEC 2018

Turin, Italy. October 7, 2018 – Alpha Technologies Ltd., the power behind the evolution of communications networks, is playing a leading role in advocating the use of Remote Line Power for Small Cell networks at the INTELEC® 2018 – International Telecommunications Energy Conference being held October 7-11 in Torino, Italy. Four of the company’s five papers address the topic of Remote Line Power and how it can be used to minimize the logistical hurdles in deploying small cells or other distributed networks. In addition, Alpha is featuring small cell solutions for Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as products that can be used with either twisted pair OSP copper cable or coaxial cable.

“Because Remote Line Power eliminates the need for batteries at the edge of the network, we have always considered it to be a costeffective alternative to local power solutions,” said Victor Goncalves, Chief Technology Officer for Alpha Technologies. “But the vast number of small cells in a metropolitan area is changing the perspective. Network builders and neutral hosts have found that the optimal sites for RF coverage do not always coincide with the availability of electricity. Rather than manage logistics with local electrical utilities, the small cell providers have turned to Remote Line Power because it is a faster way to get power to the site.”

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