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Exclusive Clip: An Unprecedented Look at the NYC Subway Base Station Hotel Powered by Alpha Technologies

In this installation tour video of the NYC Subway DAS & Wi-Fi network presented by Nathan Cornish at Transit Wireless & Mike Collado at Solid Technologies, you will see Alpha’s indoor power system providing battery backup protection for the headend equipment deployed at one of the base station hotels.

NYC Subway DAS and Wi-Fi Installation Tour - RCRtv Places NYC

A base station hotel (BSH) is a critical infrastructure where the RF signal is received from the mobile carriers and is then converted to an optical signal sent to the connected stations over fiber. Alpha’s dual voltage DC power system provides the required amount of power, distribution and battery runtime to maintain the highest level of reliability of the DAS network.

The 24VDC power plant is rated for 1430A with an optional 24VDC to 48VDC converter system rated for up to 10kW. Alpha’s Cordex CXCM4 controller is used for remote monitoring and control of the DC power plant.

A 4-Tier distribution center located just above the rectifiers provides 40 plug-in breaker positions for 24VDC arranged in two tiers and the same quantity of breakers and tier count for 48VDC. All the equipment’s are mounted onto Alpha’s 7ft seismic relay rack and ships pre-assembled from the factory.

While this is not shown in this video, at the edge of the DAS network, the remote access units and Wi-Fi Access Points are powered by Alpha's FXM2000 with AlphaCell 85GXL batteries contained inside a custom-engineered IP66 ceiling-mounted cabinet solution.

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