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Cellect™ 600 Solves the Small Cell Power and Battery Dilemma

Telecom operators will deploy millions of small cells in the coming years to increase coverage and meet the exponential demand for mobile data. One of the key benefits of small cells is the ability to pinpoint coverage near the users. However, deploying small cells presents new site acquisition, maintenance, backhaul and powering challenges. Alpha’s Cellect 600 solves these problems by providing the right amount of power and battery into a low profile, maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing packaging.

The maintenance-free, sealed design enables a “set it and forget it” deployment process, eliminating truck rolls and dramatically lowering Opex over the life of the installation.

Cellect 600 small cell power supply with integrated battery

The Cellect 600 Small Cell Power Supply and Battery provides 600W of 48Vdc power for connection to six (6) devices at a site. The battery overcomes most AC grid interruptions to ensure ultimate Quality of Experience (QoE) for small cell users. The Cellect™ 600 features a unique NiMH battery pack specifically developed by FDK for the powering of Small Cells, and is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Externally it features a universal mounting bracket for pole or wall installations, a removable solar shield that can be painted to match the site’s aesthetics, and an IP65-rated waterproof design that can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments with temperatures ranging from -40 to +65°C (-40 to 149°F). The maintenance- free, sealed design enables a “set it and forget it” deployment process, eliminating truck rolls and dramatically lowering Opex over the life of the installation. Economically designed for mass deployment and minimal impact on Capex budgets, the unit still complies with industry standards and the ability to offer remote access via SNMP. For small cell power, the Cellect 600 is the industry leader with the lowest TCO, the smallest footprint and lightest weight, the most connection points, a maintenance free battery, system quick connect/disconnect, and the only available solution with an IP65 rating.


✓ Small form factor
✓ Aesthetically pleasing
✓ High reliability
✓ Comply with industry standards
✓ Integrated battery for increased reliability

✓ Lightweight
✓ Easy to install
✓ Eliminate maintenance
✓ Low TCO
✓ 600W with up to six outputs

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FDK, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, and Alpha have established a strategic partnership to co-develop products that will shatter existing form/fit/functional paradigms and provide network service providers with compact, ultra-reliable, low maintenance powering solutions. For more information, visit

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