Alpha Micro 300-12

UPS and Enclosure
  • Product Line: Outdoor UPS Enclosures
Alpha Micro 300-12
  • Compact, integrated UPS system designed to operate in extreme environments
  • Provides maximum flexibility while ensuring critical loads remain protected and running during power outages and other power disturbances
  • Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) lengthens battery life by providing protection without transferring to backup mode during voltage surge or sag
  • Local and remote monitoring and control via RS232 port and optional Ethernet SNMP interface
  • A wide operating temperature range of -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F) is suitable for most OSP operating environments(1)
  • Can power up to four (4) loads, up to 50W each while occupying a small 20" x 14" footprint
  • Temperature compensated battery charging protects batteries from overcharging at extreme temperatures, extending the life of the battery
  • Key Applications

    The Micro 300-12 supplies a constant 12Vdc output that is ideal for powering Fiber to the Home in Multiple Dwelling Unit applications.  Based on Alpha's longstanding, rugged FXM UPS technology, the Micro 300-12 operates over a full range of harsh OSP environments.

    Unlike other FTTH power systems, the Micro 300-12 can power up to 64 living units while occupying a small 20" x 14" footprint.


    The Alpha Micro Series provides constant, reliable backup power for Outside Plant, Access Control, Security, Public Utility and Telecommunications applications in a compact all-in-one enclosure.The Alpha Micro UPS Series provides the same functionality as the Alpha FXM Series, for lower power applications in a single, easy to install cabinet. Optional add-on battery cabinets support applications where longer backup times are required.

    1. This applies to the UPS module only. Batteries may require a heater mat at lower temperatures. Output power derates after 60°C.

    Technical Specifications

    • Battery string voltage: 24Vdc
         Nominal voltage: 120Vac
         Nominal frequency: 60Hz
         Current: 3.6A nominal, 5.4A max
         Voltage range: 85 to 175Vac
         Voltage: 12Vdc
         Current: 16Adc (4 x 4A )
         Voltage regulation: +/- 1.5%
         Power @ 50°C: 200W (4 x 50W)
    • Run time*: 2 x AlphaCell 85GXL (50Ah) >2 hrs @ 25°C
      *Runtime is contingent upon load profile, battery age and ambient temperature.
      **Batteries not included. For XL and XL3 configurations, consult your Alpha

    •  Ups Power Enclosure Micro 300 12
      Alpha Micro    
      Dimensions: mm 500H x 358W x 294D
        inches 19.7H x 14.1W x 11.6D
      Weight (without batteries) 19.7kg (43.4lbs)
       Ups Power Enclosure Micro 300 12 XL Alpha Micro XL  
      Dimensions mm 776H x 358W x 294D
        inches 30.6H x 14.1W x 11.6D
      Weight (without batteries) 19.7kg (49.8lbs)
       Ups Power Enclosure Micro 300 12 XL3 Alpha Micro XL3  
      Dimensions mm 1330H x 358W x 294D
        inch 52.4H x 14.1W x 11.6D
      Weight (without batteries) 22.6kg (69.2lbs)
    Agency Compliance
    • Electrical safety: UL1778, CSA 22.2 No. 107.3
      NEMA: 3R