48Vdc CXPS-C 48-10000

48V High Capacity Centralized Power System
48Vdc CXPS-C 48-10000
  • 48V 10,000A centralized power solution for MSC, CO, Data Center and Cable Headend facilities
  • High efficiency Cordex modular rectifiers reduce operating costs
  • Flexible circuit breaker, TPS and TPL fuse options designed to feed equipment or remote BDFBs
  • Compact footprint dramatically reduces floor space requirements
  • Internal Bay-to-Bay copper busswork and easy access to connections simplify installation and serviceability
  • Expandable power and distribution bays allow for easy and cost effective modular growth
  • Key Applications

    The CXPS-C 48-10000 is a next generation centralized DC power plant that combines ease of service, installation, and maintenance in a large switching center plant, enabling service providers to realize the economic benefits of high efficiency rectifiers, high density design and intelligent control.

    Unlike other large plants, the CXPS-C offers 4000 Amps of rectification in a single bay which can be equipped with either single phase or 3-phase rectifiers.

    General Information

    The Cordex CXPS-C power system provides high capacity DC power for large communications applications. This system combines the capabilities of installation friendly distribution, advanced microprocessor based supervision, and modular rectifiers in a seamless integrated package. Shunt mux provides single point monitoring of branch distribution with data logging features.

    The Cordex CXPS-C system is cost effective due to the internal copper busswork, and is delivered ready to assemble with factory tested components. Cable access is from the top; for standard installations and bottom; (load circuits) for computer floor applications. Hot swappable Cordex power modules and internal busswork provide safe and easy installation and maintenance.

    Technical Specifications

    • Each distribution bay may be equipped with a variety of different fuse/CB panels.
      TPL fuses: 61-800A
      4 fuse holders per panel
      6 fuse panels per bay
      TPS/TLS fuses: Up to 125A
      18 fuse holders per panel
      12 fuse panels per bay
      Bolt-in breakers: 1 pole up to 250A
      2 pole 275 to 400A
      3 pole 450 to 600A
      4 pole 650 to 800A
      5 pole 850 to 1000A
      6 pole 1050 to 1200A
      12 breaker poles per panel
      6 fuse panels per bay
      Plug-in bullet breakers: 1 pole up to 125A
      2 pole 125 to 200A
      3 pole 200 to 250A
      18 breaker poles per panel
      12 panels per bay
    • AC input: 3 Phase, 208 to 240Vac (w/o neutral)
      8 x 100A feeds per rectifier bay or
      16 x 50A feeds per rectifier bay

      3 Phase, 360 to 480Vac (w/ neutral)
      8x 50A feeds per rectifier bay or
      16 x 30A feeds per rectifier bay
      Rectifier voltage: 208 to 277Vac
      Bus capacity: 4,000A, 8,000A, 12,000A
      Rectifier bay capacity: 2,000A or 4,000A
      Distribution bay capacity: 6,000A
      Max. rectifier capacity 10,000A
    • Enclosure: 1.095mm (14 gauge) steel
      Mounting: Standard 23" relay rack (flush rack mount) in box bay
      Dimensions: cm: 213H x 71W x 71D
      inches: 84H x 28W x 28D
      Weight: Rectifier bay: Approx. 272kg (600lbs) per bay (no rectifiers)
      Distribution bay: Approx. 454kg (1000lbs) per bay
    • Temperature: 0 to 50C (32 to 122F)
      Humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing
      Elevation: -500 to 2800m (-1640 to 9186ft)
    Agency Compliance
    • Safety: CSA C22.2 No. 609050-1-03
      NEBS: Level 3 certification
    Related Components
    • Cordex 48-4kW rectifier See 4kW datasheet #048-634-10 for more detailed information.
      System level alarms/controls Alarms/control parameters are user-programmable through built-in digital supervisory unit. See Cordex datasheet for detailed information on alarms and controls.
      Indicators: LCD with touch screen
      System OK (green LED)
      System minor alarm (yellow LED)
      System major alarm (red LED)
      Load disconnect: Fuse/CB panel mounted option
      TPL + bolt-in panel 2000A rated
      Bullet breaker panel 600A rated
      Connections: 0.34 to 2.5mm2 (14 to 22AWG)
      Smart peripheral modules:  
      Shunt mulitplexer: 16 shunts per module
      Remote return bar:  
      Mounting: 2" Auxiliary framing (customer supplied)
      Termination: 124 sets of 2 hole 1/2" dia. on 1¾" centers or ⅜" dia. on 1" centers
      Unit Capacity: 4,000A per bar
      Ultimate Capacity: 3 bar limit (12,000A)