48Vdc Cordex HP 2.4kW

Modular Switched Mode Rectifier
  • Part Number: 0100003-001
  • Product Line: Rectifier Shelf System
48Vdc Cordex HP 2.4kW
  • High performance compact 50A rectifier for 48 telecom application
  • High efficiency (96.2%) for reduced OPEX and carbon footprint
  • High temperature operating range for installation in non-controlled environments
  • Multiple configurations providing 250A or 12kW in a compact 1RU shelf
  • High power density (28W/in3) yields more space for revenue generating equipment
  • Wide AC input operating range for global installation requirements
  • Extended operating temperature range up to 75°C for deployment in the harshest outdoor environments
  • General Information

    Cordex High-Performance (HP) rectifiers make a proven, reliable platform even better, with significant advancements in efficiency and performance. In a compact, fan-cooled design, HP rectifiers open the possibility to wider ranges of applications and immediate Opex/Capex savings, reducing total cost of ownership and impact on the environment.

    The Cordex HP 2.4kW is a perfect solution for various small to large 48Vdc capacity applications including DAS, central office, headend, backhaul and wireless base stations. It is particuarly suitable for high density telecom applications and able to deliver 250A or 12kW per compact 1RU shelf. Unlike other rectifiers in its category, the Cordex HP 1.2kW provides 100% nominal power up to 55°C ambient and at least 2000W up to 65°C. With a high operating efficiency, high power density and broad temperature operation, HP series rectifiers are also ideal for harsh outside plant enclosure installations.

    Local and remote setup, adjustment and control are a simple, single-step process with the Cordex CXC System Controller. By utilizing TCP/IP technology, complete configuration and monitoring of power equipment is possible through a network web browser.

    Technical Specifications

    • Input voltage:   
      Nominal: 120 to 277Vac 
      Operating: 187 to 310Vac 
      Extended: 90 to 187Vac (de-rated power) 
      Input frequency: 45 to 66Hz 
      Power: 2400W continuous 
        (1200W output @ 120Vac Input) 
      Power factor: >0.99 (50 to 100% load) 
      THD: <5% 
      Efficiency: >96% 
      Output voltage: 44 to 58Vdc 
      Output current: 44.5A @ 54Vdc (50A max.@ 48Vdc) 
        (~25A @ 48Vdc at 120Vac Input) 
      Load regulation: <±0.5% (static) 
      Line regulation: <±0.1% (static) 
      Transient response: ±2% for 40 to 90% load step 
      Voice band: <32dBrnC 
      Wide band: <20mV RMS (10kHz to 10MHz) 
        <100mV pk to pk (10kHz to 100MHz) 
        <1mV RMS 
      Acoustic: <60dBa @ 1m (3ft), 55C 
    • Dimensions:   
      mm: 41H x 104x 333D 
      inches: 1.6H x 4.1W x 13.1D 
      Weight: 1.76kg (3.9lbs) 
    • Temperature:  
      Operation: -40 to 55°C (-40 to 131°F) 
      Extended -40 to 75°C (-40 to 149°F), derated power 
        2000W @ 65°C (167°F) 
      Storage: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) 
      Humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing 
      Heat Dissipation: <430 BTU per hour 
    • 23in 1RU universal mount 12,000W - P/N 0300057-001 
      Rectifiers: 5 x CXRF HP 48-2.4kW 
      Distribution: Bulk power for external distribution 
      mm: 44H x 537W x 420D 
      inches: 1.75H x 21.1W x 16.5D 
      Weight: 5.7kg (12.6lbs) 
      19in 1RU universal mount 9,600W - P/N 0300040-001  
      Rectifiers: 4 x CXRF HP 48-2.4kW 
      Distribution: Bulk power for external distribution 
      mm: 44H x 438W x 420D 
      inches: 1.75H x17.3W x 16.6D 
      Communications ports: CAN: interface to control rectifiers & smart peripherals 
      Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T for TCPIP/SNMP features 
      Standard 48Vdc Power system
    Agency Compliance
    • Safety: CSA C22.2 No 60950-1-03 
      CE Marked   
      EMC: ETSI 300 386 
      Emissions: CFR47 (FCC) Part 15 Class A
        EN 61000-3-2 
        EN 61000-3-3 
      Immunity: EN 61000-4-2 
        EN 61000-4-3 
        EN 61000-4-4 
        EN 61000-4-5 
        EN 61000-4-6 
        EN 61000-4-11 
        ANSI / IEEE C62.41 CatB3 
      NEBS / Telcordia: GR-1089-CORE 
    Related Components
    • Controllers: CXCR/CXCP 
      Distribution: CXPS-M 1200 
        AM plug-in breakers