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Alpha Micro 350

Rugged UPS System
  • Part Number: Available with 2 dry contacts and 2 user inputs or 5 dry contacts and 4 user inputs. Consult your Alpha representative for P/N configurations
  • Product Line: Outdoor UPS Enclosures
  • Related Categories: Outdoor UPS Solutions
Outdoor UPS | Micro 350 Rugged UPS System
  • Compact, integrated UPS system designed to operate in extreme environments and provide maximum flexibility while ensuring critical loads remain protected and running during power outages and other power disturbances
  • Up to 11 hours backup time at full load (350W) for extended system continuity
  • NEMA 3R rated enclosure for superior performance in outdoor applications
  • Unsurpassed flexibility with dual 120Vac & 24Vac outputs
  • Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) lengthens battery life by providing protection without transferring to backup mode during voltage surge or sag
  • Local and remote monitoring and control via USB port and Ethernet SNMP interface
  • Temperature compensated battery charging automatically adjusts charge voltage extending the life of the battery
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