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Cordex HP LPS04

-48Vdc to +/-190Vdc Quad Line Power Up-Converter Unit
  • Part Number: 0120037-001
Cordex HP LPS04
  • Providing four (4) +/- 190Vdc line powering RFT-V channels with current limiting and ground fault protection
  • 92% efficiency for decreased OPEX and reduced carbon footprint
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure for installation, either inside or outside power cabinets
  • Wide operating temperature range for deployment in harsh OSP environments
  • High reliability, sealed design
  • Description

    The LPS04 is a compact, standalone line powering DC to DC up-converter system designed for distributed power communications applications using +/- 190Vdc (RFT-V circuit) over twisted copper pairs. Using switched mode technology, the LPS04 quad output converter module provides outstanding efficiency in a compact design. Applications include powering mini-DSLAM’s, Optical Network Terminals (in Fiber to the Home Networks) as well as municipal Wi-Fi Access Points. The LPS04 may be installed inside or outside a remote OSP power cabinet. Line powering utilizes the existing remote power node backup without the need for AC utility or battery backup at the remote site, reducing the installation and operating expenses, and providing flexibility related to site selection for the installation of the remote communication equipment.

    Alpha’s LPS04 modular DC to DC converter unit incorporates a full range of standard features, including current limiting and individual ground fault interrupt for each circuit. Particular emphasis is placed on recognizing a fault condition and shutting down the circuit as quickly as possible to ensure the highest level of safety. Compliance with GR-1089-CORE -Class A2 enables craftspeople to work on the equipment while powered which significantly reduces administrative and labeling requirements, and overheads for the high voltage wiring.
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