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INEX System

48V Modular Inverter System
INEX System
  • Versatile modular inverter system design provides flexible power for different applications
  • Expandable capacity up to 18kVA with N+1 redundancy configuration
  • All master in dynamic mechanism eliminates single point of failure to optimize reliability
  • Hot swappable operation allows module addition or removal without powering down
  • High power density and high efficiency
  • The INEX inverter series is an integrated telecommunications power system, including inverter, static switch, LCD display controller and interface modules. With a versatile “building block" design and N+1 redundant configuration, the INEX inverter system satisfies complex telecommunications and industrial power demands, and provides ultimate flexibility for your current and future power requirements.

    N+1 parallel redundancy allows power capacity expandable up to 18kVA. INEX "all master" dynamic mechanism automatically shares and re-organizes critical loads to prevent interruption should any inverter module fail. The DSP-microprocessing controller gives real-time system status through a comprehensive LCD display, and allows programmable settings through the display panel. With a communication interface module installed, you can further control and monitor the system remotely.


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