Indoor Seismic Racks

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Indoor Seismic Racks

Alpha’s new line of indoor, two-post seismic racks are Zone 4 rated and independently certified for NEBS Level 3. They can hold up to 3000 pounds of equipment in a small footprint, making them ideal for use in telecommunication shelters, cabinets and Central Office applications.

The Alpha battery rack is the most robust Zone 4 rack in the industry, accommodating up to 3000 pounds in a single twopost relay rack footprint. The ability to hold twelve 24V strings of batteries dramatically reduces Capex by minimizing the number of racks required. The racks also simplify installation and maintenance. The battery trays are pre-wired, which shortens the initial installation time. And easy removal of the battery tray front guard facilitates quick battery change outs.

The bolt-together design of the seismic rack is offered in a variety of heights and widths, allowing it to be used for a wide range of customer applications. And the bolt-together approach enables the rack to be flat packed, which significantly simplifies shipping and storage costs and logistics. For Zone 4 applications, the Alpha battery rack is the perfect fit for use in power systems and battery cabinets.

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