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Relay Rack

Two-Post Relay Rack
  • Product Line: Seismic Racks
Relay Rack
Seismic Rack
Modular Two-Post Relay Rack
  • Two-post seismic and non-seismic relay rack
  • Available in standard 23" or 19" mounting options
  • Up to 2500lb zone 4 seismic rating
  • Greater than 3000lb static load capacity
  • Bolt together design opitons facilitates flat packing of racks
  • Available in multiple heights
  • Wide variety of termination panels, battery accessories and distribution option are available
  • Alpha Technologies' seismic rack is a modular two-post relay rack. The rack has been zone 4 rated and is NEBS L3 certified for up to 2500lb. The bolt together design enables the rack to be flat packed, which significantly simplifies the end user’s shipping and storage process. The racks are available in various heights (3.5', 7', 7'6", 8' and 9'). Standard 19" or 23" mounting options enable customers to use the racks for installing equipment and/or power systems. These racks can be used with a wide variety of termination panels, battery accessories and distribution options that help configure the optimal power system.

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