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FlexNet ELPM-300 in Alpha Enclosures

LPE and PMR/GMR Series
  • Part Number: 010-322-22 ELPM 300-48 56V Maximum output
  • Product Line: Fiber Network UPS Enclosure
FlexNet ELPM-300 in Alpha Enclosures
  • Rugged 48Vdc UPS for outdoor or indoor applications
  • Supports field deployment of FTTx Optical Line Terminals (OLT)
  • 300W UPS can be used in a variety of Alpha enclosures
  • Temperature compensated battery charging for extended battery life
  • Visual and electrical indicators for on-site and remote reporting
  • Flexible cabinet mounting options – wall, pole or pedestal mount
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    The LPE is an ideal solution for cable network power where traditional equipment is too large or bulky. Designed for multiple dwelling units, the LPE is more than 40 percent smaller than a standard PWE enclosure offering a low-profile solution to keep your customer's communications alive. It uses a convective airflow system to cool the interior of the enclosure. Rising warmer air draws in cooler air from the underside of the enclosure to lower the internal temperature of the LPE. Benefits of this cooling method are extended equipment life and elimination of the the need for a louvered front door.

    Alpha extends its family of pole and ground mount enclosures with the introduction of the PMR-S1/-S2 and GMR-S1/-S2 Series supporting FTTx applications using rack mount Last Mile Core processors. The PMR Series is a pole mount enclosure and the GMR Series is a ground mount enclosure system. The PMR-S1 and GMR-S1 enclosures have 8RU of rack space, while the PMR-S2 and GMR-S2 enclosures have 14RU of rack space available. The 19" equipment racks are constructed of corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum and use stainless steel hardware for optimum service life. Enclosures are equipped with an AC service entrance and are supported with a wide range of accessories  including Alpha's FlexNet 300W power supply, and 85GXL batteries provide over 10hrs of standby runtime.

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